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Aside from the regular week-by-week activities, we have a number of particular events laid on for students during the course of the year.

Student Welcome

We hope you feel welcome to join St Helen's at any time of the year, but a lot of students arrive in late September and early October, so we try to put on more to make you feel welcome. Our Welcome Evening this academic year is on 26 September 2018 in St Peter's, but if you arrive in London after that, all of our weekly events are designed to make you feel as welcome as possible; please drop in any time and say 'hello'.

Late October “Home” conference

A weekend of talks and activities based in and around St Helen’s to help us think through some of the essentials of the Christian life, known by long-termers as The Essential Mix.

Our two tracks look at some fundamental teaching of the Bible on:

  • how we relate to God (track 1)
  • how we relate to each other as a church (track 2)

It's important stuff to get a handle on!

This year it runs from 26–27 October. Come and join in!

New Year “Away” conference

A great way to start the new year with a long weekend away, getting some distance from London to get to know each other, hear God speaking in the Bible, and enjoy the great outdoors – or indoors, if that’s your thing!

Known by old-timers as "TASC" (The Annual Student Conference), it really is the highlight of many a students' year. As well as some cracking talks from the Bible, and the chance to see how the whole Bible fits together, there's time to get stuck into a particular part of Scripture ourselves – Bible Unwrapped – and plenty of time to chat through all the things we're learning.

That's not to mention some crazy evening entertainment, a long walk, and a bookstall with some book bargains.

This year it runs from 3–6 January, so make sure you're back from Christmas holidays in time!

Lads/girls day

A Saturday in February (this year 23rd) for guys and girls to get together separately for fun and teaching on a particular topic.

More information to follow.


We encourage students to be involved in the annual London-wide week of events that help others to hear about Jesus, and we also run our own events at various points throughout the year. There’s other chances to be involved in mission further afield – in this country and abroad. Why not come along to find out more?


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