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What happens at St Helen's week by week

There are a number of times when students in the church family get together, including...

Sunday 6pm

Most students join us for our regular Sunday evening meeting with a chance to sing and pray together, and hear from God’s word, the Bible.

Afterwards we head over to a nearby church building for Student Suppers – a chance to eat and chat together around tables, and enjoy a seminar on another topic that’s helpful for us as Christian students to think through.

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Midweek small groups

We meet at 7:30pm every Wednesday during term time to eat and study the Bible together in smaller groups of 8–12. Our Bible studies happen in St Peter's, but if British culture is a bit unusual or English isn’t your first language, we’ve also got Bible study groups for International students that meet in St Andrew's, a nearby church building.

Other activities

Lots of students also get the opportunity to read the Bible one to one and pray together with one of the older members of the church family, and to be involved in prayer triplets.

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We also encourage students to be involved in Christian Unions at their own university, to take advantage of the opportunity to reach their campus with the good news of Jesus.


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